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Frosting - House-Made and ready to use


Manufactured in store, this basic frosting is perfect for colouring and flavouring. Made from vegetable shortening, icing sugar and water, the frosting holds up perfectly in our climate and is pure white.  

Ingredients: Pure icing sugar, vegetable shortening (vegetable oil, emulsifiers (435, 471), antioxidant (307b), water. Contains soy.

Sizing guide

500g suits approximately 12 cupcakes.

2kg is suitable for a layered cake with multiple colours, or a two -tiered cake. 

Storage and care instructions

Your frosting is ready to use, so it does not need to be whipped or stirred unless you are adding colouring or flavouring. Even then, it only needs to be stirred until your extra ingredients are combined. 

The beauty of frosting is that it is NOT buttercream. It has a higher melting point than buttercream and is best stored at between 15-25 degrees. It is shelf-stable so does not need refrigeration.

If you do plan to refrigerate your frosting, keep in mind it will harden and need to be brought back to a soft, room temperature consistency to make an enjoyable eating experience. 

In the winter, or if you've stored your frosting for a couple of weeks, it may become a little firmer. To bring back the silky smooth feel before piping or decorating, add a tablespoon of boiled water and stir the water through the frosting. 

Allergen Statement

Please note that although this product contains no gluten or dairy, it is manufactured using shared kitchen facilities that are used with other recipes containing eggs, wheat, dairy, soy and nuts. Therefore our frosting and any of our other in-house manufactured items may contain traces of any of these ingredients.  

Shipping Info

We recommend collection in store or local area delivery only.

It's not ideal to have frosting shipped, as we can't control the temperature of the facilities or vehicles it will be stored in.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Lena Maher
Very Happy

The frosting always tastes great and is very easy to use.

Bethan Perel

Frosting - House-Made and ready to use

Lorna Parker

A tasty easy to use never fail icing option that is gluten & dairy free.

Karen P

This frosting is always a crowd pleaser, easy to work with and you the the best colours.

Delicious frosting!

The pre made frosting from Studio cakes exceeded my expectations! It was lovely, soft and easily mixed with lemon essence for a yummy carrot cake! It was subtle sweet and spread wonderfully! Thanks!

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