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Custom Edible Printing - A4 Size


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Custom edible image printing is available in store. We use the very best edible icing sheets and quality food colouring to print your personalised photographs or images, adding that extra special touch to your creation.

Our printer allows both A4 and A3 sheets, and the sky is the limit in terms of how you design your images. Print round, square or many circles for cupcake toppers - the choice is yours. 

Simply provide your image ready to print on A4 or A3 documents to us via email (PDF is best to prevent format loss). Our email is

We require 48 hours notice for printing turnaround, however if you need your image same or next day, express printing is available for an additional $15.


Tips for ordering

Please provide as much information as possible, including requirements for size and layout. If possible, provide the image ready to print (on a PDF document). 

If you are wanting to print your edible image to cut out for cupcake toppers, just let us know the dimensions and how many you require. 

We will send you a PDF copy of your printing for approval via email prior to printing to confirm we have all the details right. 

Just like regular printing, certain colours can appear differently on screen compared to the printed sheet. We use high-quality food dye to achieve the best possible result when printing your edible image. 

Image size can be important. A small file will look pixelated if we try to enlarge it for printing, so use the best quality images you have to get the best results in your printing. 


How your image is provided 

Your image is provided on a plastic backing sheet sealed in plastic. Imagine it is like a thick piece of paper, so it is flexible to carry. The plastic backing will keep it protected for your trip home and can easily be removed prior to placing your image on your cake.

Your image is provided as a whole page. It is not pre-cut. 

We do not provide cutting services in our bakery. 

You can easily cut your image with scissors or an art knife. 

Like most printing services, we are required to print with a thin white margin around the image. 


Our policy on copyright

Under no circumstances will we print copyright images, characters, symbols or logos unless you provide express permission from the owner of the content. 

We do not print Disney, Marvel or TV characters from any show or game. 

We do not print brands, logos or other similar images unless we are provided with express permission from the owner of the content. 


What are the kinds of things we do print?

Patterns, colours, words, your own drawings, photographs, collages, birthday messages, royalty-free images (specifically for free use), generic pictures (e.g. soccer balls, grassy fields, sunsets, rainbows, anything that is not specifically owned by a person or company). 


Be creative - Here's how...

You want to make a frozen cake, but we won't print the characters. We CAN print generic snowmen, a winter forest, snowflakes, a photograph of your child in their Frozen outfit, a snow scene, a moose... the list goes on. 

You want to print the official Batman symbol, but we won't do it for you. We CAN print a city skyline, a group of bats flying across the sky, generic bat outlines... etc


Tips for using edible images

If applying to buttercream or soft frosting, we recommend placing your image just before your event to prevent the image from absorbing moisture overnight. High humidity can also cause your image to run so it is best kept packaged and dry until your event.

If applied to fondant there is less chance of the image absorbing moisture. We personally like to mount our images on a fondant plaque before placing on buttercream. Application to fondant can be done in advance to free up more time!

If cutting the image, keep the backing sheet on for easy handling. 

The image should come away easily from the backing sheet, however in times of high humidity place in the freezer for 30 seconds to assist. Do not allow the sheet to become wet or the image will run.


Our Edible Image Sheets:

Icing Sheets are an actual layer of icing that bonds with the icing on the cake. They can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, fondant, blown sugar, etc. These sheets are on a clear backing that easily peels away from the icing layer. A4 size with a margin for printing purposes.

Contains corn, product is gluten and nut free.

Please store in cool environment and keep airtight until use.


Customer Reviews

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Nida Naite

Custom Edible Printing - A4 Size

Kim Casa

Thank you for your quick response and supply of editable print.

Doria West
Class: N/a
Ingredients for photo album cake

Great service and advice
Vanilla cake was delicious
Carton icing was perfect
Loved my edible photos
Very helpful over phone
Can’t wait to go back

Natalie Cross
Budgie Cake - Edible Printing

The cake looked absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for your help again Studio Cakes.

Jenifer Galligan
Happy Birthday Golf Theme

Our cake was a great success due to the edible pictures provided by Studio Cakes. Thank you .

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