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At Studio Cakes, we are all about helping you have successful outcomes in your cake decorating journey. We pride ourselves on providing genuinely helpful advice, and only stocking products that we would use in our 5-star rated, award-winning bakery. That means when you shop with us we aren't trying to sell you something... we're trying to help you learn and succeed! You won't find gimmicky tools in our store, only quality bakeware, decorating and cake supplies.

Our cake decorating classes are aimed at all abilities and provide a welcome environment for you to embrace the wonderful art that is cake decorating. We have experienced, friendly teachers who are more than happy to share their knowledge with you over a cup of tea or two. We teach how-to demonstrations in fondant and ganache as well as designer cakes and cupcake lessons. Learn to colour, ruffle and sculpt fondant figurines or get the inside scoop on our preferred frostings and icing techniques. 

Please feel free to explore our range of cake decorating demonstrations and hands-on classes, or book a private lesson with our own head-decorator and qualified pastry cook, Sarah-Jane. 

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