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Sweet Sticks


Sweet Sticks

Australian-made and owned, Sweet Sticks is known for stunning lustre dusts, edible paints and designer paintbrushes that have taken the cake world by storm! Edible decorative paints and lustres are made from food grade ingredients and designed in beautiful, functional packaging to prevent waste.

Try the Metallic Lustre Dust range in 24 stunning colours to create touches of shimmery beauty on your designs. The dusts can be brushed on, painted or sprayed. The lustre range pairs beautifully with the Edible Art range of food grade paints that can add small touches or transform entire tiers! Not to mention the various fine point, flat and wide edged professional grade paintbrushes in peach, pink and white! 

You'll find everything you need to create painted masterpieces on your cakes, cupcakes and cookies in the Sweet Sticks range, available at Studio Cakes online or in-store. 

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