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Decorating Piping Bags - Premium Fine line re-usable


Loyal Decorating Bags are high quality piping bags that are made to last. Made from a strong and durable polyester material which ensures that you will be able to use this decorating bag for years to come.

- Strong and durable polyester material
- Soft and pliable with excellent handling qualities
- Impermeable, suitable for all mixtures
- Can be cleaned in boiling water to 100 degrees C
- Hemmed, hanging hook, reinforced at tip
- Made in Japan

To use with a piping tube or tip, cut the end of the bag with a pair of scissors (Don't over trim the bag or your nozzle will fall through). Drop the nozzle into the bag so that 15mm of the tip is exposed. Trim bag until the piping nozzle fits correctly.

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