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Let us reward you!

Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on July 15 2019

We constantly talk about how we have the best customers (more like a big supportive family to be honest) and we’re so excited that we have finally implemented a rewards program to give back to you!

Introducing Studio Points

All our customers who have been engaging in our community can now earn Studio Reward Points, which can be redeemed for offers and discounts both in-store and online!

When you interact with us by shopping in-store, online, following our social media accounts and more, you can earn Studio Points to unlock exciting perks. This is your all-access pass to exclusive rewards! 


The Reward Panel

Now, when you jump on to our website you'll see a red button titled “Get Rewards” to the bottom right. This is the rewards panel, and it is the fastest way to sign in or create your rewards account.

Get Rewards


Once you’re signed up, you can open the reward panel to view your point balance, learn how to earn points and see your available point balance.


Even better, you earn 100 points just for signing up, so you will be eligible for discounts right off the bat!


Ways to Earn

1. Shop! 

We don’t mind if you spend a little or spend a lot. All transactions are eligible to earn Studio Points. We credit your reward balance with 1 point for every dollar you spend.


2. Get Social 

Via the rewards panel (accessed from the red button on our website) you can click to “Follow” our Facebook or Instagram page, earning 50 points for each site. Easy!


3. Celebrate your Birthday!

Update your date of birth on the reward panel and you earn 200 points as a birthday gift from us!


4. Referrals

Open the rewards panel to find your unique referral link. Share it with your friends directly, or by using Facebook and Twitter. Your friends receive a 10% off coupon, and you get 100 Studio Points when they make a purchase.



Redeem your Rewards

Here’s the specials you can unlock, which you can also view in the rewards panel. 


All Rewards Studio Points Rewards Program Studio Cakes Brisbane Get Discounts



When you click redeem on any of these rewards, you’ll be provided with a unique discount code to apply at checkout.

We've provided both dollar value and percentage-based rewards, so for smaller transactions, you might want to redeem dollar value discounts, whereas larger transactions you could apply discounts to the whole order!




Thanks for being an important part of our business! We can’t wait to start rewarding you for your support.






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