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Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on October 08 2015

I have some amazing, exciting news that I am so glad I finally get to share with you all!

The Studio Cakes page has probably seemed a little quieter than usual, and that is because there has been HUGE things happening in the background. About 6 months ago, I met the most beautiful, lovely people - the owners of the Cake and Icing Centre in Brisbane, Maggie and George. Maggie started out in cake decorating 40+ YEARS ago and I’m so humbled to announce that as of today, Maggie is heading in to retirement and has chosen me to continue her legacy at the Cake and Icing Centre.

Maggie is so talented! She’s been decorating cakes since before I was born and has taken me under her wings to teach me the tricks of the trade that she’s developed over her career. As of today, Studio Cakes will have a permanent home at the Cake and Icing Centre in Mitchelton on the Northside, where I will continue to service both Studio Cakes and Cake and Icing Centre customers with amazing cakes and an even BIGGER range of cake decorating equipment than before.

I want to say an extra huge special thank you to all of Studio Cakes supporters, who watched me grow from a hobby baker in love with cake art to a qualified pastry cook with a retail shop front! Every one of you who have supported me as friends and customers are the reason that I am continuing to work in the business that I love!

Every day I see Cake and Icing Centre customers come in to the store who simply adore Maggie. I have huge shoes to fill, and I can promise that I will bring all of my enthusiasm and love of cake decorating to fulfill on the legacy she is trusting to me.

There will be big and small changes to both businesses over the coming months and I hope you will all continue to support Studio Cakes and the Cake and Icing Centre!

THANK YOU and watch this space :)

Sarah-Jane & Marcus



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