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Cake Mix - Vanilla Vegan Friendly 1kg



Our newest cake mix offering - a beautifully light vanilla cake mix suitable for vegans! Easy to make in cake or muffin form. It is a premium high-quality product, produced locally in Australia. Easy to use - just add water and oil!



  • Combine 1kg vegan cake mix, 460ml water and 240ml vegetable oil into a mixing bowl
  • Blend for 1minute on low speed.
  • Scrape down bowl.
  • Blend for a further 6 minutes on medium speed, then 1 minute on low speed. 
  • Pour into lined tins or muffin trays. 
  • Bake at 180degrees

For cakes, we recommend the first check at 40 minutes. 

Baking times are dependent on lots of factors, such as age and efficiency of your oven, size of your tin and batter weight. Therefore cooking times can vary. Regular checks after cooking time of 40 minutes will be required if your cake is not ready.

It is advisable for more modern ovens to cook at a slightly reduced temperature for a longer time.




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Vegan Friendly Vanilla Cake Mix

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