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Oil Based Colouring - Mint


Welcome to the next generation in food colouring

Unlike conventional gel colours, this oil-based colouring loves the fats & oils in your baking, allowing you to achieve a rich & vibrant result. Utilising modern formulas and processes, Colour Mill has developed a range of oil-based colouring which outperforms conventional gel colouring.


Oil Based vs Water Based Colouring


Most gel and liquid food colours are water based. The fats and oils found in buttercream and chocolate repel water, which ultimately reduces the effectiveness of water based colouring. In some cases, water based colouring can cause your ingredients to split and seize.

Oil based food colouring uses baking friendly oils instead of water, meaning it mixes through your batters and buttercream much better.

Additionally, Colour Mill colours are put through a specialised micro-milling process which means it is both grain and streak free. Micro pigments colour more effectively, which means you can use less colouring. Oh and they're also free of fillers and gums!

Shake well before use.
Take it easy, colours will develop over time.
Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.



Customer Reviews

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colour is fantastic

just need to do a couple of mint coloured drop flower - easy to use and blends so well. fantastic colour and my niece loved the cake

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