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Tempering Chocolate Machine - 1.7L Deep Melter

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This dry melter is ideal for chocolate coatings of ice creams and pops on sticks. 

Presented with the classical colour that reminds you of chocolate. The technical characteristics of analogue melters, the thermostat that allows to adjust the temperature and the extractable tray in anodized aluminium (to make cleaning easier) make it an essential item.

The bottom is heated and the heat transmitted to the metal container. The desired temperature that the chocolate is to be heated to is set using the graduated knob, which transmits the set point to the analogue thermostat.

NB: You should use a suitable food thermometer(not part of the appliances standard equipment) to check the actual product temperature. MTMC10 values with 1kg of chocolate, the chocolate takes approx 2-3 hours to melt.

Size: Ø 20.5cm  H 21.2cm 
Volume: 1.7 L
Room Temperature range: 0°C to 40°C 
Room Temperature range when not in use: -5°C to 40°C 
Maximum operating temperature: 55°C
One year manufacturer’s warranty is included on all electrical components.
Made in Italy



  • Shiny and glossy when hard
  • Even colouring as the colour and shine will be evenly distributed throughout the chocolate
  • A crisp hardness that snaps when broken
  • Clean and consistent shrinkage making it easier to remove from the moulds