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NEW LOOK Cake of the Month Competition

Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on June 19 2018


Marcus and I were chatting the other day when it suddenly occurred to us that we've been with the Cake & Icing Centre for over two and a half years now!! 

Time has flown since those first few weeks in the store after Margaret and George's retirement in late 2015. We are always doing our best to fill their shoes and continue providing the best cake decorating products and advice in Brisbane. We know that we couldn't have made it this far without your support - so thank you!

There's one thing that we've wanted to rejuvenate for a while... so I'm happy to let you know that the time has come.

New Look Cake of the Month Comp!

We're super excited to let you known about our NEW LOOK Cake of the Month Competition. No more Facebook posts or counting of likes. This is a new monthly comp that is inclusive for all of our customers!


So, how is this different to our previous monthly competition?

The biggest change is that you no longer have to post your cakes to our Facebook wall to be in the running, we will be accepting entries from all sorts of places including:

  1. In store! Bring us a picture of your cake creation and we'll include it in the monthly comp.
  2. Via email, drop us a note with a picture of your cake to be included.
  3. Facebook entries are still valid, so feel free to post to our wall or send us a message.
    (Just remember, we can't see your private posts even if you tag us).
  4. Tag us on Instagram! @studiocakes 
  5. Any other way that you can think of, as long as we get a photo to share.

 Also, the competition is not based on Facebook 'likes' but rather a lucky chance draw each month.

This means that all the wonderful emails and photos we get each month are now also in the running for the Cake of the Month Competition! Super exciting!!


Get Involved and Get Decorating

So if you're ready to get creative don't forget to check out our online store for all our amazing, easy to use cake decorating products!

Just click here to see our full range.



Happy baking!!

Sarah-Jane and team.



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