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No worries...

Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on January 13 2022

When I wrote this blog post in 2020 about the role that we had to play in our community during the COVID crisis, I didn't have any idea that we'd still be talking about it (and dealing with it) two years later.

Back then, I joked about toilet paper shortages (well, hello again my old friend) and, more earnestly, how grateful I was to front line workers (still just as true today as ever).

Ultimately, the way I managed to get through the past two years was a combination of persistence and a self-declared "no worries" attitude.

And by a "no worries" attitude, what I really mean is persevering through sheer stubbornness and managing to get on with it (whatever 'it' is, in any particular moment) despite all the worries. 
Imagine my surprise when a Michigan-based State University published its 2022 Banished Words List and my most used phrase of the COVID disaster "No Worries" was on it. 
Apparently, "No Worries", as a phrase, is misused and overused.
Well, excuse me.
Americans began using it in earnest after it appeared six times in the classic "Crocodile Dundee", but I've heard it used about a million times more than that growing up and I'm still not sick of it. 
The Christmas holidays allowed me to catch up on a whole bunch of movies I'd missed, and on the top of the list was the Lion King live action remake. Of course, the best characters were Timon and Pubmaa, and of course, the best song was Hakuna Matata - A.K.A, the No Worries song.
So, I don't know about you, but if Timon, Pumbaa and Croc Dundee all think its fine, and it's got me this far during the pandemic, then I'm going to keep using it.
No worries.
PS Speaking of No Worries, we still have tickets available for our kids decorating classes next week! If you're worried about keeping the kids occupied in the seemingly never-ending school holidays, we can help with a couple of hours in our relaxed, fun, bakery environment where kids can get hands-on creative with fondant and cake. We run small class sizes and our bakery is rated 5-stars by Brisbane City Council for cleanliness and food safety.  



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