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Cake is where the heart is...

Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on May 30 2022

We spend a lot of time in store chatting to our customers about the special events that they're baking for. 

It's often only other bakers who can truly appreciate the time, effort and cost that you've put in to creating a beautiful dessert for your loved ones. And that's how it should be I guess - you want your loved ones to just go "WOW" when they see your cake, and have no idea that you were up all night adding the finishing touches or agonising over how to transport it successfully.

Cake decorating can be daunting when you start out - because you just want it to look amazing and taste even better!

But it takes dedication to put in the hours to learn a new craft, and it takes GUTS to share your creation with your family and friends. Even more so if the cake is for a special event like a milestone birthday or (gasp) a wedding!

When I first started baking I was SO hard on myself for any small mistakes. I could make a mountain out of a molehill (just ask Marcus).

I've learnt to forgive my little mistakes over the years, and that does become much easier with practice. My number one piece of advice is to take photos of all the cakes you make, because you will be amazed at your progress over time. 

My second piece of advice is just go for it - you can create any cake you want to if you allow yourself the time to practice and have fun.

Baking for others is about sharing a little bit of love, and decorating cakes is about sharing a whole lot of fun.

That is why we LOVE when you share your baking creations with us. Whether you've created a decorated cake for the first time ever, or you're a seasoned cake designer.

So keep them coming! We want to see what you have been creating lately.


Did you know you can win a $50 voucher just for sharing your cake creations with us?

Here's the T&Cs of it all, but it's really so straightforward:

1. Use our products 

Shop with us and use some of our products, tools or packaging in your cake creation (make sure you let us know which products you used!)

1. Share your cake creation with us!

  1. In store! Bring us a picture of your cake creation and we'll include it in the monthly comp.
  2. Via email, drop us a note with a picture of your cake to be included.
  3. Facebook entries are still valid, so feel free to post to our wall or send us a message.
    (Just remember, we can't see your private posts even if you tag us).
  4. Tag us on Instagram! @studiocakes (only works if your profile is public!)
  5. Any other way that you can think of, as long as we get a photo to share.

Keep in mind we'll be sharing your photo if you win, so only send us pictures if you're happy for them to be seen on our socials and email list.



Here's some of our most recent winners!








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