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Review Us! Products and Classes

Making cakes is a passion of mine that started with my wedding cake and grew in to our own little business, Studio Cakes. Of course, when we took over the Cake & Icing Centre we also took on Margaret's legacy and had a big reputation to uphold! So feedback from our customers is so very important to us. 

Most importantly, word of mouth is our number one form of advertising (currently, our only form of advertising). I can't put in to words how important your positive reviews are to us. So, if you’ve had a great experience, we’d be so grateful for you to share it.

Read on below to see how you can get in touch and share your experience.



Did you attend a fabulous class or use an amazing product? Let the next person know it is the best by leaving a direct product review!

Search for the product you want to review in the search bar above or navigate to it in the shop. Underneath the product description, you'll see a place where you can leave 5 stars and share your experience with the product you purchased.



If you're just wanted to share some general love then there's no better place than on our social media accounts!

You can find us on our Studio Cakes facebook page where you can leave a recommendation for friends to visit our store or online shop.