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Membership Club Discounts

Terms and Conditions

Studio Cakes may offer at its sole discretion a discount to members of a particular club or organisation.

To accept and participate, the club must
  • provide a list of names and email addresses of club members interested in taking up the discount offer.
  • Instruct interested members to create an account on the Studio Cakes website (if they haven’t already). The email they use on the account must match the email provided to us by the club.
  • You can create an account online here.
The club will then be provided with a discount code that is valid for use by club members with an account in our store.
  • The unique code will arrive via email
  • The provision of the code may take up to 5 business days
Participating members can use the code:
  • When shopping online, by signing into their account before checkout,
  • When shopping in store, by providing their account email address and membership code at checkout, and
  • Whilst they have a valid membership with the club.

The code is to be used by club members only and cannot be transferred to any other person including family members or friends.

Studio Cakes should be informed if participating members leave the club so that the code can be removed from that individual’s account.

Once the code is removed from an individual's account, it will no longer create a discount at checkout for that particular account. However, those members will maintain all reward points generated on their account.

We may request updates or corrections to the list of members provided to us periodically.

We may periodically change the code to prevent discounts being distributed outside club members.

Discount codes cannot be stacked on purchases. Only one form of discount or offer is valid per transaction.

Discounts will not be applied historically to any transactions placed prior to this membership offer nor any refunds provided to previously completed transactions.

Discount codes are not valid on the following products or services:
  • Custom cakes, sweets or other bakery products produced by Studio Cakes, including hand created fondant or sugar decorations and toppers,
  • Custom ordered products such as acrylic or wooden toppers that require design work and are not available in store,
  • Delivery services,
  • Taxes and other duties,
  • Bulk purchasing that already includes a discounted price

Studio Cakes are not responsible for reminding members to use their codes at checkout and will not refund any variations or potential discounts on already completed transactions.

Studio Cakes and the membership club may at any time cease participating in this discount offer for any reason without notice.

Studio Cakes may void individual members access to the discount code for any reason, including but not limited to:
  • the member cancelling their club membership,
  • the member allowing use of their account and/or discount by another person, or
  • violations of our anti-bullying and harassment policies.

    Participation in this discount offer does not guarantee stock priority to members.

    Members will in all other respects besides the discount code, receive the same priority level of service as other retail store customers.

    Studio Cakes may update these terms and conditions at any time without notice.