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Mini Christmas Cakes


Pre-orders for 2020 have now closed

Please contact us at or on 07 3355 3443 to enquire about custom cake orders. 

Mini traditional Christmas cakes, with a delightful snow scene to finish.

IMPORTANT : Our Christmas range is made to order - which makes us a little different to most bakeries. This means you cannot collect your cakes on the same day you order because we need time to make them especially for you. Please carefully read Order Cut Off Times below.


Packaged to impress, this decadent rich fruit cake is made from scratch in our quality kitchen using Margaret's traditional recipes. Abundant in high-quality Australian grown currants, raisins, sultanas and glazed cherries and topped up with rum, it is the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas table. 

Please note the designs vary. Ribbon colours, designs and widths can change between orders, as can the decorations on the top of the cakes. All of the cakes are Christmas themed and lovely to look at, regardless of their individual design. If you require a specific design, please add the information to your order.

The mini Christmas cakes are 400g cakes, topped with a custom snow scene. Please note pick up date in comments for your order.  

For full-size Christmas Cakes, please click here.



Christmas Cut Off Times

Final orders for Christmas must be placed by 4th December, with collection on or before 23rd December.

Please allow at least 7 days between the placement of your order and collection. For urgent orders, call our store.

Order online now, call 3355 3443 or email

Delivery services are available for Brisbane and Ipswich areas. Please enquire for more detail.

If you have any questions about when your order will be available, or if you have a preferred date for pick up, please leave a note at checkout.


More Designs

View our other care package designs, find out other ways you can support our business, or get in touch to arrange a custom order. We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you!


Thank you for supporting our small business! 


Christmas Delivery Enquiries:

Delivery is only available to Brisbane and Ipswich city council areas. Christmas deliveries will be arranged on a first-in basis until our capacity is full. Shipping outside of these local areas is unavailable. You can collect from our store in Mitchelton if you prefer. 

Cakes are provided boxed for transport and can be kept in their boxes until served. Cool, airconditioned rooms are best for storage.

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