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Our 'Roll' To Play

Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on March 14 2020

The great toilet-paper shortage of 2020 has shown me how important the small things can be to a functioning society. Everyone has a role to play (or should I say, a roll to play?)

When I started baking for a job, at first it felt indulgent and quite frankly, pretty frivolous. I was slightly embarrassed at family catch-ups when we all talked about what we were up to with work.

“Was I even contributing?”, I thought.

But then, I’d make a special cake for someone and I could see the joy in their eyes. Baking comes from a place of love. To me, it’s about celebrations - especially when times are tough.

That got me thinking about all the small businesses in our community. The cleaners, child-care workers, cafes, office-workers and tradies. Whatever the role, we all support each other. In doing our own part, we enable each other to live enriched lives.

Right now, some people are doing it harder than usual. We’re never sure what the future holds and now it seems a little less certain than before. To our front-line workers – the doctors, health/community workers, and so many others – I’m so grateful for the work you’re doing now and for the work that is to come. Thank you.

As for us, all we can do is continue to play our part, do what we do best and offer a place where you can express your creativity and love like I do - through baking.

Here’s how we’ll be handling things in our part of the world:

  • We’ll be offering free shipping in our local area (Brisbane/Samford/Ipswich suburbs) for anyone who’d prefer not to travel to our store.
  • For now, our classes are proceeding – we offer small class sizes with max 4 people in cake classes and 6 in cupcake classes. There’s plenty of space in our kitchen and it is a clean, inviting environment.
  • If you're unwell and can't make it to a class, we'll happily transfer your ticket to a rescheduled/future class. 
  • If your event is postponed, we'll happily transfer your cake or catering order to a future date.
  • We'll be reiterating and maintaining the personal and professional standards that awarded us a 5-star Food Safety rating.
  • We'll be continuing to source local produce and utilising our network of local suppliers – support of small businesses and the local community is important to us now and always.


I'll also be doing my part to support my friends in local business. You can too, by looking for independent and small scale suppliers for your daily coffee/snacks/lunches. Here are some of my favourites:

The Wandering Cooks - West End's hotspot for new and upcoming foodies. Plus great coffee and chats!

The Low Road Cafe - Equal parts charm and unapologetic sass, plus damn fine brunch. Located in Windsor, Brisbane's northside.

Brendale Brewing Co - Not only do you get delicious craft beverages, but you also get to support some of Brisbane's best food trucks (wings? yes please!). 

Eighty Six Cafe - Feel like you're one of the family. Located in Rosalie. Bring your dog, grab a coffee and enjoy the sunshine.

Fresh Local Provisions - Samford's own fresh produce delivery service. Skip the supermarkets, get seriously fresh produce and support small business. So many wins!

31 Degrees - Custom chocolates, special gifts and beautiful treats. Don't hit up the supermarkets this Easter - get real, hand made chocolates from a local business. It will make a difference to you and them!

Shucks Bar - The freshest seafood experience in Brissy, located on the Esplanade at bayside Manly. 

Proof BBQ & Booze - Life-changing burgers, fries and sauces on Newmarket Rd, Brisbane. Ryan's business is only 9 months old so skip the fast food and go visit! You won't regret it.


So for now - we’ll continue to do the best we can, thinking positively and being pro-active about our health and our community’s wellbeing.

Chat soon!




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