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Living a messy, sprinkle filled life

Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on June 06 2022

My first few years of cake decorating started in our tiny kitchen in Springfield Lakes. I had the top of one laminated counter to decorate on and less than half a square metre for rolling out fondant.

At the time Marcus nicknamed me the "kitchen destroyer".

Ouch.... but accurate!

Despite my best efforts, all the tools and bowls I needed ended up spread out over the kitchen and dining area. I got into the creative flow and was often capable of losing a paintbrush even if I'd just had it in my hand and hadn't taken a step.

But hey - isn't that the stereotype about creative minds? (I'll embrace it anyway).

I'm MUCH better now that I have a whole kitchen dedicated to my cake bits and pieces (although there is always room for improvement). At least the tools and paints have their own cupboard now, and I've got more shelves than I could ever need for pots, pans, and tins!

Despite all that... I think there's one area I will never master, and that is working with sprinkles without a mess.

Last week you could hear the tinkle of little sugar pearls bouncing along the stainless-steel table every few minutes. I always start out carefully, but by the end, it's reckless abandonment as I "creatively place" (a.k.a throw) sprinkles at the cake. 

But by the end of the week, we had a bunch of cakes covered in colourful sugary goodness and I had a huge smile I couldn't wipe off my face. 

Maybe it's OK to embrace my inner kitchen destroyer every now and again.... at least when there are sprinkles involved.

~ Sarah-Jane


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