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Sugar blooms to fight the winter blues

Written by Sarah-Jane Webb


Posted on June 03 2019

It's the first Monday of winter and we're here to brighten your day with some sugar flowers that look so real they'll take you right back to spring.

Let's take a walk down memory lane to winter 2017, when Marcus and I were both busily working away in store when a young 18 year old came through the door balancing a foam cake dummy brimming with intricate sugar blossoms. 

"Hi, I'm just wondering if you might be interested in buying some of my sugar flowers for sale?"

To which I responded, "How about a job instead?"

And so, the rest is history! You can usually find Flynn in store on a Monday morning, or running one of our popular sugar flower classes teaching beginner decorators the skills they need to create lifelike sugar flower arrangements.

We just dropped a whole new range of sugar flower classes that you can book online now, but we haven't even shared the most excited news with you yet!

Just last month, Flynn became licensed to manufacture his own brand of sugar flower paste that is currently exclusively available to Studio Cakes customers.

Flynn's Sugar Flower Paste is specifically designed for sugar flowers. It is a blend that Flynn has perfected over the years that he has been creating his beautiful flowers. It is a pure white shade that can be coloured easily with gel food colours and looks even more beautiful when the finished flower is dusted with petal dust. Just check out some of his work below!

So how can you get your hands on our newest product? It is now available in store or online in 250g and 500g packets. If you're new to flower making, then you can meet Flynn in person and learn how to create your own in our range of sugar flower classes using his very own brand of flower paste.




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